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1k(x) is an early-stage fund that specializes in ecosystem growth.

Our community focus is second to none, we're hands on advisors to the creation, design and iteration of token models. We strive to help the best and brightest ideas in web3 find growth and economic sustainability.

Our team is composed of technical operators and strategic thinkers who have a proven track record across all areas of crypto. In addition to our strategic guidance, we also aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and help with anything from community coordination and ecosystem building, to launching entire go-to-market subDAOs.

Whether you want to read our research, catch one of our events, or join our team, partnering with 1k(x) puts you in crypto’s best inner circle. Welcome.

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It’s not you, it’s us:

Made in-house:

  • ETH Berlin
  • ETH Lisbon
  • Blockchain Week Berlin
  • Goblin Sax
  • Risk Dao
  • Codeless Conduct
  • Hydra Ventures
  • Macrohacks
  • MCON2